Breeding Nucleus


The importance of the ewe flock is often overlooked. We strive to maintain the highest quality group of ewes that possess a broad base of genetics with slightly varying features but still within the realm of specific breeding to our sire battery to annually produce an even line of lambs that fit market requirements. Seen above running with our commercial ET recipients. 

The core breeding nucleus is made up of a select group of elite ewes that are key to our future direction. 

We identify our top 2-5% of ewes at classing, & these are subsequently referred to as Double Stud ewes for future reference (DS in the catalogues). 

10-15 of these ewes are usually programmed for Embryo Transfer each year to accelerate our shift or progress in any direction industry requires. 

While heavy selection in any direction is generally at the expense of other traits, using our breeding principles, we can maintain the highest quality of our stock moving forward. 


This historic ewe DG.970015 Royal Champion Ewe at Sydney, Hamilton & Adelaide Shows is a fine example of our higher performance ewes that lambed triplets at 13mths weighing over 100kg here & milking from four teat