Detpa Grove stoked with 35th Annual Sale selling to almost every state

A White Suffolk stud at Jeparit has sold to nearly each Australian state at its 35th annual sale, and is “stoked” with the results.

Detpa Grove White Suffolk stud principal David Pipkorn said the ewes and rams went to most Australian states this year, with a “good mix” of buyers in attendance and online.

Detpa Grove White Suffolks top at $12,500 in solid sale result

A structurally outstanding and elite performance offering of 259 Detpa Grove White Suffolk rams & and ewes were offered by the Pipkorn family at their 35th annual on-property production sale at Jeparit, Victoria on Thursday 12th October.

The stud offered 69 stud ewes, 28 stud rams, 35 specially selected rams and 119 flock rams for competition, with 206 head finding new homes at auction.

Sound structured sheep secret to Detpa Grove success

A balanced approach to breeding has bode well for Depta Grove White Suffolks over the years, and their 35th annual sale is sure to be no different.

Principal David Pipkorn has been breeding sheep for more than four decades and says sound structured animals have underpinned all he has achieved.

Jeparit White Suffolk stud Detpa Grove ewes go to fellow breeders

*93 of 106 ewes sold to $3600, av $1394

DETPA Grove White Suffolks, Jeparit, has had another successful sale for its 12th bi-annual mated ewe sale, with stud co-principal David Pipkorn declaring he’s “very satisfied with the result”.

Detpa Grove offered more than 100 ewes, with all animals sold going to studs.

Detpa Grove hits a top of $32,000 twice

Over 12 hours of continuous rain, on top of already wet ground failed to dampen the enthusiasm of stud and commercial buyers at the Pipkorn family’s 34th Annual Detpa Grove White Suffolk sale at Jeparit last Thursday (13th October).

The magnificent quality offering of 247 stud ewes, stud rams, specially selected rams and flock rams saw a 97% clearance at a $2539 average, twice topping at $32,000.

Breeding balance at Detpa Grove

Well balanced, impeccably bred sheep. That’s the focus at Detpa Grove White Suffolk where preparations are well underway for the stud’s 34th annual spring on-property sale on Thursday 13 October.

One highlight of the upcoming sale with 250 Lots on offer, include a ram who epitomises early growth.  Weaning at 76kg (3 ½ months), the ram will feature in the Jeparit based stud auction and is expected to garner attention from the prime lamb industry for his data.

Depta Grove demand comes from five states.

*Total clearance of 28 stud rams sold to $24,000, av $8357 *149 of 152 flock rams sold to $2800 (three times), av $1972 *71 of 74 stud ewes sold to $3400, av $1169. STRONG demand from across the country drove the Detpa Grove White Suffolk sale to new highs once again last week. The Jeparit stud achieved a 98 per cent clearance of all ewes and rams offered, selling 251 of 255 lots to a sale top of $24,000, and an overall average of $2395.

Drive for feed efficiency yields White Suffolk ewe record.

A DRIVE for lamb feed efficiency and doability, and meeting the market, has produced a new Australian record price for a White Suffolk ewe.
New South Wales WS breeder Murray Long paid a record $6500 for a ewe ranked highly for her carcase attributes at the Detpa Grove 11th annual mated ewe sale at Jeparit in Victoria last week.

Detpa Grove sale sets new Australian White Suffolk record.

*107 of 113 ewes sold to $6500, avg $1061. AUSTRALIA’S record price for a White Suffolk ewe was smashed at this week’s Detpa Grove White Suffolk 11th bi-annual mated ewe sale. The new high price of $6500 easily eclipses the $5100 set last year at the Ramsay Park ewe dispersal in SA.
Detpa Grove stud principal David Pipkorn said the ewe was a unique blend of genetics and exceptionally good in lean meat yield.