Designer genetics on offer from Detpa Grove.

Designer genetics on offer from Detpa Grove.

The Pipkorn family’s Detpa Grove White Suffolk stud record speaks for itself, arguably being one of the most successful White Suffolk studs in the country for the best part of two decades.

The quality on offer at Detpa Grove is truly elite and while they have regularly achieved headline stud sale successes, because of the incredible depth of quality, many of the prices have been very affordable, especially in the current buoyant prime lamb industry.

Besides their structural and breed type excellence, there was a vast majority of last year’s offering, right through to the bottom run of flock rams, in excess of 200 on Carcase Plus index under Lambplan.

Of the 143 strong flock ram offering, 54 per cent were over 200 – 38 per cent of the stud ewe offering and 70 per cent of the stud rams also exceeded this level of performance, with the balance not far behind.

Along with elite phenotype, very few studs can get close to that level of verifiable performance.

The stud prefix may stay the same, but the genetic improvement continues.

To continue to produce such high-quality stock and to influence so many other studs around the country is no easy achievement, yet stud principal David Pipkorn relishes the challenge.

Astute infusions of elite genetics for both performance and phenotype have enabled Detpa Grove to bring exciting new family lines to the marketplace.

The genetic diversity within the stud allows both stud and commercial producers to keep investing in arguably the best all-round genetics available today.

This year’s offering continues that theme. Could they be better than in previous years? Certainly David Pipkorn believes they are, which is great news for all sheep producers.

Of course, prospective buyers can make their own decisions on this. However, unless they put themselves ‘in the game’ by attending the next Detpa Grove sale on Thursday, October 11, they have little chance of securing these new designer genetics that can truly enhance the performance and quality produced in their prime lamb or stud breeding programs.

Some of the prominent sires of this year’s offering include; Anden ‘Cruiser, the $68,000 industry and White Suffolk record-breaking ram; Detpa Grove 140180, with another great crop of sons; Hillcroft Farms 130156, with high eating quality index and performance levels; Detpa Grove 140101, with some very classy sons; and Detpa Grove 160027, the stud’s top keeper ram from the 2016 drop but since lost.

Courtesy of the Naracoorte Herald.