The Science


Advanced technology has been implemented where appropriate & on occasion we have developed & patented an important innovation in partnership.

Artificial Insemination to introduce useful genetics & to access our own semen bank & Embryo Transfer & J.I.V.E.T programs have been undertaken to optimise the influence of our top ewes.

Additionally DNA testing for both positive & deleterious genes, & ongoing research & development as deemed necessary. 

It is one thing to access technology but to apply it in a manner that maximises benefits in practical, precise application is the art.


Artificial Breeding is an important tool for our ongoing development.

We are proud to work beside the best in the business for our on-farm Breeding Centre; semen collection, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, related health checks & collective research projects.

These are primarily conducted by Ken Watson, Tatiara Breeding Services & Bronte Mawson, Advanced Breeding Services – both terrific gentlemen who exquisitely perform meticulous tasks with outstanding results.