Breeding Aims


From a Suffolk stud base founded in 1979, select Poll Dorsets initially introduced the “white gene”. 

Over the subsequent decades, we have sourced outstanding White Suffolk sires & selected ewes from various other studs to help build up an elite quality ewe flock quickly. 

We continually aim to improve performance & productivity on sound structured sheep, & so provide high quality flock rams to prime lamb producers, & sound breeding stock to stud breeders. We consider maintaining accurate & detailed records alongside sound management practices essential. 

Balanced breeding strategies have been set in place to achieve these goals. These breeding abilities have been developed across decades of objective measurement combined with closely observed traits, combinations, & outcomes.

A comprehensive mating program is established in November each year & is diligently executed, managing artificial breeding programs with precision & catering the complex logistics of enabling the essential single sire mating groups. 

To help speed our genetic progress, generation turnover is enhanced by using the best ram lambs (7 months old) each year & lambing down our ewes from as young as 12 months. 

High lambing percentages are encouraged in the stud to give an even greater selection & in the last few years we have realised above 165% live lambs. 

Participation in health & quality assurance programs such as Ovine Brucellosis Accreditation & Ovine Johnes Disease Market Assurance Program have been keenly sought. 

Stud Ewes & Lambs

2020 drop lambs & dams including commercial ewes raising the embryo transfers.

We arrange 3 large management groups each year and ALL these lambs stay in their groups for as long as is practical (at least post scanning and until ram lambs are used at joining) for accurate comparisons & trends.

They are run commercially & weaned off (and onto) grass to reflect the management practices of most clients.

Weaned Rams at 6 months 

2022 drop ram weaners. This is the age we collect the important weights, fat depths & muscle scans to identify the market suitability of genetics.

All data is adjusted for age & weight by Lambplan to deliver meaningful results post analysis & comparisons across the country. 

Annual Flock Ram Offering

The final product (2021 Sale). An even line of commercial rams reflecting the culmination of all the background selections & matings that are inbuilt with all the performance genetics to deliver outstanding results for clients.

The top end rams are Specially Selected for purpose & all are available as pick-of-the-pen of 3.