Genetics packaged for producers & designed for consumers.

Detpa Grove strive to produce the most diverse yet consistent genetics available in the White Suffolk industry through a combination of balanced breeding strategies using the latest technology & data management.

We continually aim to improve performance & productivity on sound structured sheep & so provide high quality flock rams to prime lamb producers & sound breeding stock to stud breeders.

The stud runs a very diverse cross section of bloodlines so all rams & ewes sold allow sheep producers to raise a top son, unrelated
to the majority of their ewes & breed on for years without concerns of in-breeding.

Our high lambing percentages means we are able to heavily cull the bottom end of the breeding groups over a long period of time & a comparison of Lamb Breeding Values averages compared to Detpa Grove’s lambs in utero confirms the stud’s genetic gains.

Growth in muscle is well above the terminal average and other key traits are also above par on industry average values.  Together with increased growth and muscle, maintaining fat & being mindful of eating qualities, our lambs are uniquely bred to enhance/correct structure, bone, length, type & balance.

Our breeding style means we always maintain some variations for market flexibility & don’t necessarily have to outsource genetics to change direction.