Drive for feed efficiency yields White Suffolk ewe record.

A DRIVE for lamb feed efficiency and doability, and meeting the market, has produced a new Australian record price for a White Suffolk ewe.
New South Wales WS breeder Murray Long paid a record $6500 for a ewe ranked highly for her carcase attributes at the Detpa Grove 11th annual mated ewe sale at Jeparit in Victoria last week.

Detpa Grove sale sets new Australian White Suffolk record.

*107 of 113 ewes sold to $6500, avg $1061. AUSTRALIA’S record price for a White Suffolk ewe was smashed at this week’s Detpa Grove White Suffolk 11th bi-annual mated ewe sale. The new high price of $6500 easily eclipses the $5100 set last year at the Ramsay Park ewe dispersal in SA.
Detpa Grove stud principal David Pipkorn said the ewe was a unique blend of genetics and exceptionally good in lean meat yield.