Detpa Grove sells to a top of $22,000, averages $1769.

Detpa Grove sells to a top of $22,000, averages $1769.

Over one hundred registered bidders drove the 28th Detpa Grove White Suffolk sale to a top of $22,000 last Thursday for the Pipcorn family, Jeparit, Victoria.

Two hundred and forty-five head found new homes from the 247 rams and ewes offered, averaging $1769.

The flock rams averaged $1228 while the stud rams averaged $5117.

The biggest increase in sale proceeds from last year was in the stud ewe section with a 96pc increase achieved from last year’s result. Sixty-three of 65 ewes cleared to $2300 and averaged $1108.

The top-price ewe, DG150666Tw was purchased by Gary H