Detpa Grove stoked with 35th Annual Sale selling to almost every state

Detpa Grove stoked with 35th Annual Sale selling to almost every state

A White Suffolk stud at Jeparit has sold to nearly each Australian state at its 35th annual sale, and is “stoked” with the results.

Detpa Grove White Suffolk stud principal David Pipkorn said the ewes and rams went to most Australian states this year, with a “good mix” of buyers in attendance and online.

“We’re stoked, we really didn’t know what to expect with the conditions of the market at the moment,” he said.

“We’re just thankful for the ongoing support of our loyal clients, and the jobs that the rams and ewes have been doing for them over previous years.”

The Detpa Grove sale offered 250 lots and sold 206 to $12,500, with an average price of $1723.

The 29 White Suffolk stud rams sold to $12,500, with an average price of $4465, and 34 specially-selected rams sold to $2600, with an average price of $1811.

The sale offered 69 White Suffolk ewes and sold 46 lots to $2000, with an average price of $1136, while 97 flock rams sold to $2200 out of 118 offered, with an average price of $1150.

Shane and Jodie Foster, Boonaroo, Casterton, bought the top-priced ram, Lot 92, 220811 TR, which was sired by Regal 200477 and out of 190558 DS.

Its Australian Sheep Breeding Values included a weaning weight (WWT) of 10.79 kilograms, post-weaning weight (PWWT) of 17.42kg, a post-weaning eye muscle depth (PEMD) of 2.20 millimetres, and -0.52 per cent intramuscular fat (IMF).

“He was a young fella, he was an August-drop ram with a lot of potential left in him,” Mr Pipkorn said.

“The buyers saw the qualities we selected him for the stud ram team for, and we look forward to seeing what he does.”

Sunnybanks Farming, Penguin, Tas, bought the top ewe, Lot 8, for $2000.

The ewe’s ASBVs included a WWT of 11.24kg, PWWT of 17.45kg, a PEMD of 2.47mm, and -0.37pc IMF.

“The top ewe was a really neat, safe animal, they’ve got big plans and I’ll be interested to see how they join her up,” Mr Pipkorn said.

“We’re rapt with the ewe team we put together this year, I’m very pleased with the ewes we put forward and we’re more than happy to keep what was passed in.”

Mr Pipkorn said he particularly liked a $10,000 ram, Lot 79, which “ticked a fair few boxes” and they would collect semen from.

“He was a ram we’ll keep semen interest in because his bloodline is unique for us, his dam line is, it was a ewe we bought from a dispersal in South Australia,” he said.

It was sired by Regal 20047 and out of RP199172, and its ASBVs included a WWT of 10.21kg, PWWT of 16.26kg, a PEMD of 2.21mm, and -0.26pc IMF.

Elders auctioneer Ross Milne said rams and ewes went to Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

“It was a good sale, considering the climate at the moment, we’ve got a good clearance, the flockies sold well and we passed in a few at the end but it was still a very good clearance,” he said.

Volume buyers included Lake Kemi Kemi, Edenhope, who bought 20 pens, C Bennie bought eight pens, Schmidt Family Trust, Coffs Harbour, NSW, bought eight pens, JR and MJ Kilpatrick bought seven pens.

He said the selected stud rams and ewes sold “very well”.

“A lot of those ewes that are going into programs will certainly make an impact on new or established studs,” he said.

“This year most people who wanted to buy rams could get in at a reasonable rate, they represented good buying and good value.”

Story courtesy of Rachel Simmonds, Stock & Land